Bad Baby Names!

Welcome to BAD BABY NAMES! All BAD BABY NAMES are actual, verified names from newspapers & online webnurseries from the US & Canada. So enjoy & be glad your parents didn't name you one of these doozies! Remember: all babies are beautiful gifts from God, all created equal...all baby names, however, are NOT.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jamie Oliver: The Pitter-Patter of Little Petal

TV chef Jamie Oliver sure knows how to keep with a theme.

The celebrity chef and his wife, Jools, welcomed new daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow on April 3rd. Petal was welcomed home by her equally floral-named sisters, Poppy Honey (age 7) and Daisy Boo (age 5). Oliver wrote on Twitter that the baby is "so cute" and that her name "goes well" with those of her siblings.



Nas & Kelis: Help Name Our Son!

Rapper Nas and singer Kelis need help in naming their unborn son. This will be their first child together (Nas has a daughter, Destiny, from a previous relationship).

“Yeah, [we are deciding between] a few baby names,” Nas said. “It’s kinda hard. I’ve been thinking about kinda putting something online: ‘Choose his name,’ You get a couple stacks for that. We take care of you for that. You win something real. But we’re thinking now.”

Source: MTV News.