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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Names in the Animal Kingdom

I'm waaaaaay behind, thanks to my recent illness, so I am giving you a whole slew of animal baby names in one post. Enjoy!


After months of waiting and more than 500 hundred name suggestions from Bahamian students across the country, officials from Dolphine Encounters on Big Lagoon Island finally announced the dolphins’ names.

Dorothy Mae Eldmire of Kingsway Academy chose the name "Gussie Mae" and Nathalia Durham of Doris Johnson High School and Marissa Maura of the Lyford Cay School both won for choosing "Laguna." The students who chose the names received plaques, pictures of the baby dolphin they named and a Dolphin Adventure program for their entire class and their teacher.

The two baby dolphins bring the total number of dolphins over on Blue Lagoon Island to 19. Gussie Mae was born in early September to mother Chippy, and Laguna was born to Dot in October. The third calf was born in September to Nina and was named Cacique by the staff.

New arrival at Hatton Farm Village

Staff at Hatton Farm Village, near Warwick (UK), oversaw the delivery of their first arrival, a lamb who has been named Lucky because of her difficult birth.

Zoo Needs Names for New Baby Cubs

The Pueblo Zoo is holding a contest to name the three African lions born last fall. The two females and one male, are the first baby lions to be born at the zoo in at least 50 years. They share a father, Jahari, but come from different mothers, Ulana and Saida. (note: this contest ended Feb. 17)

Baby pandas named in China

Eighteen baby pandas have been given names after leaving their mothers to live in new nursery. The 12 females and six males (ages range between five and seven months) will live in a new nursery playground in the Research and Conservation Centre in China's Sichuan province.

The move was celebrated with a relocation ceremony, where the cubs names were officially announced for the first time. The public voted for the names of the pandas on the Internet. The names include Fuwa for baby no. 9, the same name as the Beijing Olympics mascot, meaning friendly. Baby no. 1 was named Sixue, meaning "miss the snow", twins were named Meixi and Meixin, both meaning beautiful, and the naughtiest was called "Taotao", meaning mischievous.

Name That Dragon!

After two rare reptiles were recently born at the Chester Zoo, thousands took part in an online vote to name one of the babies: Indie. The other names from the online poll were Grendel, Bakar and Idris.

The other dragon was named Irwin, which was suggested by six kids. The winner picked at random was 11-year-old Matthew from Nottinghamshire (UK). He will visit the dragons at the zoo when the babies have their names presented to them.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Vote Now! WORST BAD BABY NAMES of '06!

Due to my recent health issues, this poll is a month overdue, with my apologies...

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The WORST Bad Baby Names of 2006!