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Saturday, January 22, 2005


(Note: this originally appeared on the old BAD BABY NAMES blog.)

I'd like to thank BAD BABY NAMES reader DramaQueenChronicles for sending me this BAD BABY NAMES NEWS item. It's a BAD BABY NAME, but a heart-warming story:

"Divine Miracle" Baby Survives 3-Minute Heart Surgery

Doctors at the University of Oklahoma Medical Center performed open-heart surgery on an infant with a rare heart condition just minutes after the child's birth. She is the first newborn to have survived this sort of operation.

The procedure, which usually takes five hours, took less than three minutes for the 4 pound, 8 ounce baby girl. She will require at least two more surgeries, and doctors were unable to offer a long-term prognosis on her health at this time.

Her parents, who believe God intervened on behalf of their infant daughter, named the child Divine Miracle.


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