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Monday, August 29, 2005

BAD BABY NAMES: Fan Mail #5!

This is one of my favorite topics for discussion: People from the Dominican Republic are notorious for their "unusual" baby names. Case in point: my father named my older sister Sayonara. The family calls her Sayo for short and her friends call her Sara. It really rolls off the tongue in Spanish, but it is equally weird in both languages. Another example is my cousin, Martha, who wanted to give her son an "American" name. She named him Scotty after Scotty Pippin. Well, it wasn't until the little boy was 5 years old and we were in a wedding together that I ever saw his named spelled out. We were watching the wedding tape and when I saw his name on the screen, I almost passed out. His name is Scary. Pronounced in typical (that is, VERY bad) Dominican Spanish, it DOES sound like how we pronounce Scotty in English. I couldn't believe it. And that's not even the half of it. His last name is Gil, which is Spanish is pronounce Hill. His name is Scary Hill, I swear! I just pray that he never travels to an English speaking country, for his own sanity.

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