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Welcome to BAD BABY NAMES! All BAD BABY NAMES are actual, verified names from newspapers & online webnurseries from the US & Canada. So enjoy & be glad your parents didn't name you one of these doozies! Remember: all babies are beautiful gifts from God, all created equal...all baby names, however, are NOT.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

BAD BABY NAMES NEWS: How do you handle bad baby name advice?

All thanks to Pixie, who found this interesting article: How Should We Handle Bad Baby Name Advice?. I thought I would pass it along to all the BAD BABY NAMES fans! Thanks, Pixie!

I especially love the following BAD BABY NAME:

"Pick whatever you want. In my case, my kids wanted our lil girl to be named "Ava Grace" but I hated it because it was too plain. Now, it doesn't seem like another name could be better for our little girl: "Luvvleigh Va'Jeanna""
-- Emily


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