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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jade Jagger Speaks Out on Her Name & Her Daughter's

What’s in a name?

The new breed of upper-class Brits tend to have exotic names like Jolly, Josh, Tara, Tamara, Zara, even India and China. Jade sounds very Chinese. And she was born in Paris. So how did she get the name?

My mother couldn’t conceive for ages. Then Mum’s friend lent her a lustrous jade pendant to wear. True enough, I was conceived soon after, so mum named me Jade in honour of the precious stone. Too bad she had to give that jade back! I would love to wear it today!” says Jade Jagger.

If you think Jade is unusual, her second name is even more outrageous – Jezebel, who was a manipulator, liar, and murderess.

“Ah yes, can you guess who gave me that name?” she chuckles mischievously.

Sir Mick Jagger?

“Right! Dad gave me that name. Of course it’s kinky but he said I was such a naughty baby, he was convinced I was an incarnation of Jezebel. Well, that’s dad for you. I kinda like the name as you don’t bump into too many Jezebels walking down high street. I am going to open a disco in Ibiza named Jezebel which I think is the ultimate name for a cool club!"

She also has a project named Jezebel which fuses fashion with music through original recordings, remixes and unplugged sessions.

Growing up famous

Jade’s childhood was not exactly typical. Sure, her mother dressed her in designer Cacharel clothes but threw a blanket over her when nosey photographers were around.

“My parents explained they didn’t want my face seen for fear of kidnapping. I accepted it but it was unnerving to suddenly have the lights switched off just like that! I could be watching the ducks in the park or flowers and then whoosh, everything went black.

“Mum preferred me in pretty, demure and dull dresses so maybe that sparked the wild child in me!

“Dad was a liberal, open-minded and easy-going father and allowed me to be myself. I don’t remember him being stern. I didn’t see much of him as his career was really taking off and he was always doing concerts with The Rolling Stones.’’
Mick Jagger and Bianca divorced in 1980 and Jade lived with her mother in New York until age 14, when she was shipped off to the posh St Mary’s School, the all-girls boarding school in England.

A jadeite mum

AT 16, Jade had her first taste of the media when she was expelled from St Mary’s. The papers trumpeted how she ran away with her boyfriend Josh Astor (from the millionaire Astor clan) and hid in his London pad.

She sighs, “I snuck out, got caught and was thrown out of school. I didn’t do anything naughty but the tabloid-reading public expected me to do naughty things!’’

She insists she is a good mother.

“My daughters’ father is Piers Jackson. We never married and were together for about eight years. Assisi, 14, is named after St Francis of Assisi. I visited the cathedral in the town of Assisi, Italy where the saint was born. I was so captivated by its beauty, I vowed to name my firstborn Assisi.

Amba, 11, is named after the Hindu goddess, an earth mother and a much beloved goddess. When she was born, she was so round and plump. She had a round face and body, and reminded me of Amba and fertility.

“We have five dogs so we are a big, happy family.”

The oft-asked question . . .

What is it like to be Mick Jagger’s daughter?

“I don’t know. You see, I have never been anyone else’s daughter.”


Source: The Star Online


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