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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Article: Biblical Names

I ran across an article ("Finding Faith in Popular Culture"), and amongst other things, it mentions several unusual Biblical baby names:

Who loves you, baby? --Biblical names for babies are becoming popular among some Hollywood celebrities, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Consider these names of glitterati newborns:

Aaron, Robert DeNiro's son; Isaac, Annie Potts' boy; Delilah Belle, for Harry Hamlin's daughter. Oh, yes. Let's not forget (is it possible?) Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

It seems that parents want names that have a "meaningful, spiritual" quality, says Judith Tropea, author of "Classic Biblical Baby Names."

So, if you want to avoid the oh-so-common Scriptural handles for your child, Tropea offers some less familiar ones:

For girls:

Damaris -- She listened to Paul preach in Athens.

Elisheba -- She was the wife of Moses' brother Aaron.

Kezia -- She was Job's second daughter.

For boys:

Aeneas -- A paralyzed man who was healed by Peter.

Nicanor -- He was an early disciple of the church in Jerusalem.

Zuriel -- He was a Levite ruler during the exodus from Egypt.

Clearly, parents don't want just any Tom, Dick or Sally for their children's names. (How about Shealtial?)

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