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Welcome to BAD BABY NAMES! All BAD BABY NAMES are actual, verified names from newspapers & online webnurseries from the US & Canada. So enjoy & be glad your parents didn't name you one of these doozies! Remember: all babies are beautiful gifts from God, all created equal...all baby names, however, are NOT.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

BAD BABY NAMES! Fan Mail #18


I've been enjoying your blog for a while, but up until now I never had
anything to send in (fortunately, I might add).

My brother is still in elementary school and he brought a little booklet
that they distribute among students, something much like a school paper. It
had students' names in it. Some of them are remarkable (I'd never heard of
Skirmante, but apparently, it's not all that uncommon. Also, in this day and
age, what non-UK resident names his kid Nigel?).
However, one of them stuck out like a rusty nail. Apparently, one of the
kids at my brother's school is called Eddyllio.

I had to check three times if I spelled that correctly. Perhaps his parents
couldn't choose beween 'Eddy' and 'Idylle'.

I'm from Holland, so there are a lot of names in the paper that won't make
sense to you, but this one stuck out. I don't think Eddyllio is normal in
any language on earth, if only because you get zero result when googling it.

You can sign my name as Meike, and before anyone tries to ridicule that I'd
like to state that Meike is a perfectly normal name in The Netherlands. ;-)



Dear Meike,

That is a stumper of a name, isn't it? Wow. I'm still in awe of it.

Thanks for reading!

---Zen Angel


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