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Welcome to BAD BABY NAMES! All BAD BABY NAMES are actual, verified names from newspapers & online webnurseries from the US & Canada. So enjoy & be glad your parents didn't name you one of these doozies! Remember: all babies are beautiful gifts from God, all created equal...all baby names, however, are NOT.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

BAD BABY NAMES! Fan Mail #17

Hi Zen Angel,

They're not babies anymore, but a couple I know has had a bit of a
hit-and-a-miss with names ending in -leen. Their oldest girl is Kathleen,
which is great, but the second daughter is Shaeleen (pronounced Shay-leen),
which always struck me as a Redneck Hall of Shamer. They broke the -leen
trend with their youngest daughter, Jaycee.

Also, my grandmother once told me she went to school with a girl called
Cherry Blossom. I insisted that this could not be true, so she
pulled out her yearbook and showed me Cherry Blossom's picture and
signature. Ouch!

I always enjoy reading Bad Baby Names! Feel free to put this in the blog if
you want to.


Dear Mel,

Consider it done!

Thanks for reading!

---Zen Angel


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