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Monday, October 23, 2006

Name Choices Bring Up Interesting Difference for Couple

COLUMN: Name choices bring up interesting difference for couple

Every so often, Brian and I turn the conversation to baby names.

No, we're not planning on having one any time soon, but we still have fun talking about what we will name him or her -- whenever that day comes.

It's almost a game for us, I guess because the whole baby thing is theoretical right now and we can talk about names without having to figure how to pay for or take care of "Junior."

That will all change one day, but for now we're content with throwing out names during long car rides or late-night talks.

We discovered very quickly our tastes in baby names are quite different.

I like more traditional names, such as Jack, Jake and Ben. Brian likes names that have an unusual twist, such as Kristopher. (I assume because he wants his son to have to correct the spelling of his name his whole life.)

I think Brian gravitates toward the more unique names because he has a more common name. I lean more towards the traditional names because I am forever cursed with "Wizard of Oz" jokes about my name and I rarely meet another Dorothy who isn't the age of my grandmother, my namesake.

Don't get me wrong, Brian and I both love our names and each other's, but I think our preferences are shaped by our experiences with those names.

For girls names we agree on a few more, including Eleanor, Lauren and Samantha. But we also each like names that the other can't stand.

Often Brian will jokingly throw out a name that he would never consider using. That sometimes leads to problems, though, when he then throws out a name he is serious about and I think it's awful and laugh it off. And that usually leads to an angry exchange and quick end to the "game."

But we always return to the exercise, premature as it is, because it's fun to think about having that naming experience.

Chances are, when the time comes, Brian and I will have changed our minds about the names we're dead-set on now.

My mom claims that she didn't know what she was going to name me or my siblings until she actually saw us. I don't know if I believe that entirely, but it would be nice if our baby's identity becomes crystal clear when we see him or her for the first time.

If not, I told Brian we can fall back on my favorite character's name from Dr. Seuss' books: Oliver Boliver Butt ... Wallheimer.

Source: The Norwich Bulletin.


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