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Friday, August 03, 2007

Round Up! Baby Names In the News: Aug. 07

Round Up!
Baby Names in the News, 08/07:

Behind Bars, baby bonanza and bad bodies

"Burning question: Why do celebrities give their kids weird names like Heaven and Apple? Linda Rosenkrantz Finch, co-author of 'The Baby Name Bible,' tells Us, 'Celebrities crave being the center of attention and want their offspring to hare in this uniqueness.'"

Top 50 Crazy Celebrity Baby Names

"Crazy baby names given by celebrities are nothing new, but the Times of London has compiled a list of the Top 500 Craziest Celebrity Baby Names. Some of these sound like they’d be more likely as AKC registered show dog names, while some don’t sound so weird in the context of the others."

Baby Names: Surviving Pregnancy

"If certain people have an aversion to a name that is high on your list, stick to your guns! Once people get to know your baby and form an affectionate bond, you will find that they quickly forget any negative connotation they may have had with the name, and come to love the baby, name and all!"

Baby Names Are Big Business

"From the like Suri and Shiloh to Rocco and River — famous baby names span from Brooklyn to Indiana; Pine to Willow; Peaches to Apple. For some celebrities it's about finding a farfetched name, but now expecting moms everywhere are stressing out about choosing a name."

What's In a Name?

"'Overpowering names:' Axelrod, Balthazar, DonQuixote, Quintavirius, and Thor. 'Hyper Kids' Names:' Ace, Demeet, Grasshopper (again, not kidding!), Gallup, Kayotaey, and Ramababbu. And my favorite 'Names that Celebrities have Given their Babies:' Apple, Blanket, Rafferty, and Satchel."

Lion Cubs Gain Home and Names

"Winning bidders at the preserve's recent fundraiser included Janice and Gary Freiberg, who named the male cub Bakari, an African expression for 'one with great promise.' Another winner was Yvette Davis, a volunteer who has been helping care for the cubs. She named a female cub Suri, or 'princess' – the same name Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes chose for their baby. Robert Cox named the third cub Jillian, (meaning 'youthful' and 'bright light') in honor of his wife, El Cajon City Councilwoman Jillian Hanson-Cox."

I Have the Right Formula For Baby Names

"Our first born was a son we named Edward in honor of both grandfathers and two uncles and gave him the middle name Whitney, my maiden name. It set a tone and pattern in considering names for the succeeding offspring. I learned a few things I can pass along free of charge to other new parents."

Naming a Baby In Pakistan

"In the last six months, babies’ names have been influenced by an Islamic trend. Children are now called Arham, Areeba, Malaika, Uzair, Emal, etc. The preference of parents has returned to Islamic names. The most popular name in the Muslim world is Muhammad. Around 90 percent of the boys have Muhammad in their name."

What's In a Name? Everything, Says the Nameologist

"'I think people today are realizing the impact of names much more so than in the past,' Korwitts explained."

Choose the Ultimate Pretentious Name

"What is the most pretentious baby name?"

Hillary: Number 982 On the List

"The name's popularity began to diminish back in the 1970s, and the process continued in the following decade, for no obvious reason. Its fortunes between 1998 and 2006 are easier to explain. While in 1997 'Monica' was ranked 79th on the list of popular names, a year later it had fallen to the 151st place, and since then its popularity has continued to drop."

Two Baby Boys

"And it’s about the babies’ names—and how they become attached to the children and how the children become attached to the names they are assigned, growing with them and living up to whatever it is they represent in the individual families."

WA's Wacky Baby Names

"Some requests are so silly the registrar is knocking them back because legally they cannot be registered as a name. Names that did pass muster in the past year include Buzz, Chilli, Colt, Tin or Tiger for boys. And Rainbow, Synergy, Cashmere, Sunshine, Gidget, Jorjah or Phoenix for girls. The most extreme names were E-, Safe, Legend, Reel, Summar and Somer-L'ren."

For Some, Naming Baby Is An Odd Job

"Unusual names have been around forever. In 1600s England, a boy christened 'If-Jesus-Had-Not-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned' grew up to be an economist who invented fire insurance. And preferred to be called Nicholas Barbon."

What's In a Name?

"Picking a name for a child can be a confounding, and fun, challenge for parents. Across the nation, some parents are shelling out as much as $475 for numerologists to help pick their child's name. Others are hiring consultants. In Central New York, parents rely on more tried-and-true methods: baby books, tradition and suggestions from relatives."

What's In a Name?

"Many people believe that a name can make all the difference when it comes to success and happiness in work, life, and love. You may have heard us teasing a story on baby name consultants this morning. Many parents-to-be are now spending the time and money to hire people to choose baby names for them!"

50 Craziest Celebrity Baby Names

"Princess Tiaamii is not the first celebrity baby to be blessed with a moniker likely to give her problems in the school playground. Here are 50 of the most outlandish."

21st Century Family: Mom, Dad, Baby, Consultant

"Sure, you want your child to be unique, but it's personality, not moniker, that does that. Be creative. Or don't. (Really, don't, because some of those "creative" names are ridiculous - I like Apple though.) My dad tells a story (or made up a story, never sure) of a customer he once had, whose daughter was named Female. That's Fa-mal-ee - like tamale. The mom saw the name on the band at the hospital and liked it. But at least she didn't pay some shyster 50 bucks to come up with a list of appropriate names for her kid."

Hey, Baby, What's In a Name?

"Picture the scene around the kitchen dinner table: you are gathered with a couple of friends and prospective names for a boy and a girl are being etched on an ever-lengthening list."

Art Imitating (Digital) Life

"A couple debate over whether they're doing everything possible to secure their unborn child's digital future...At one point, the man logs into Google Documents to show off a 'Naming 2.0' spreadsheet of possible baby names -- ranked by such criteria as the availability of matching .com, .net and .org domain names."

Naming Baby: How To Choose the Perfect Moniker

"Naming a baby can be a frustrating task, especially if friends and family start offering their opinions. Suelain Moy, a contributor to American Baby Magazine and baby naming expert, has some tips for finding the perfect name for your child."

Not Any Old Common Name

"Made-up baby names are likely to become even more commonplace in Wales as parents try to make their children stand out more from the crowd, experts said yesterday...Heini Gruffudd, author of Welsh Names for Children, said, “Welsh words like Seren (star), Mai (May), and Ionawr (January) are becoming very popular as names for girls."

What's In a Name? Maybe a $350 Fee

"Maryanna Korwitts, a self-described 'nameologist' who runs her naming service from a tiny room in a Downers Grove chiropractic clinic, said name giving is an ancient ritual modern parents are just discovering."

The Baby's Called What?

"Mehrabian, professor emeritus of psychology at UCLA and the author of The Baby Name Report Card, is not the only expert on the subject who believes that parents are increasingly, if subconsciously, 'branding' rather than simply naming their children."

Ooh, Baby Baby

"You can name them whatever you want. Celebrity babies have thus far survived the names Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow), Moxie Crimefighter (Penn Jillette) and Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (Michael Hutchence)."

Use Software To Organize Research

"This family clearly didn't have a copy of '10,000 Baby Names.' For several generations, Elgin baby boys received the names of those four brothers. Imagine the introductions at Elgin family reunions. 'Hello I'm Henry. This is my father Henry, my grandfather Henry, my son Henry, my nephew Henry and my two cousins, both Henry.'"

Sean and Sarah Most Popular Names Last Year (Ireland)

"There were three first-time entries in the top-100 for girls - Aoibheann, Aoibinnn and Jasmine."

Arkansas Couple Have Their 17th Child

"Michelle, who's been pregnant for 126 months – or 10.5 years – of her life, said the couple would like to have more girls, since they love the ruffles and lace. All the children – whose names start with the letter J – are taught at home. The oldest is 19 and the youngest, before Jennifer, is almost two years old."

Throwing Coverage

"Before I get into any trouble, let me first note that my wife and I received a certain type of look whenever we told people we were thinking of naming our daughter Ida. . . . So I immediately felt some kinship with Brandon Lloyd when I heard that in the offseason he had named his son Elvis. . . . "He won't be made fun of," Lloyd said confidently. 'Why would they make fun of him? What's wrong with that name? There's nothing wrong with that name.' . . ."

Sean and Sarah Tops In Baby Names League

"Where you live influences what you are called: Emma was the most popular girl's name in the midlands and mid-west, Sarah was most popular in the west, mid-east, southeast and southwest, while Katie took top honours in border counties and Sophie was the number one choice in Dublin. And while Sean was most popular for boys in Dublin and surrounding counties, Jack was number one in the rest of the country."



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