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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Article: Nebraska Not Conservative with Baby Names

Nebraska not conservative with names

The baby names flow in Nebraska from some creative fount. Take Aracely Ruby, born Thursday night at Saint Elizabeth.

From the beginning of her pregnancy, 20-year-old Victoria Lozoya knew that if her baby was born female, she would be Aracely.

Her sister, the newborn’s godmother, loved the name because she really likes the actress — Aracely Arambula — popular on Spanish channel soap operas.

Aracely, the actress, is beautiful, Lozoya said. Aracely Ruby is chunky, with black hair and fat cheeks.

She turns red when she cries.

Nebraska may have the reputation of conservative politics and values, but it’s more liberal and inventive with the baby names, said Cleveland Evans, associate professor of psychology at Bellevue University and highly quoted baby name expert.

Alaysia Sun Rose made her debut earlier this month at BryanLGH East, born to Mariea Pumel and Justin Britton.

“We wanted (a name) that stood out a little,” the father said.

The parents were thinking her name should be some derivative of Asia, since Mariea is Korean, he said.

Sun came from Mariea’s mother, Sunnam. And Rose, well, they just liked it.

The BryanLGH nurses confirm Nebraskans’ creative tendencies.

Fleetwood. Jaxzen. Krayton.

Ryder Rae Marie. Jastacia. Ciera.

And Nevaeh (heaven spelled backward).

But nursery attendant Luana Petsche has an all-time favorite.

Precious Loving Darling.

Petsche’s recommendations when deciding on a name: Stand in a room and yell it a few times. Say it with the middle name. And then see what the initials spell.

Daniel Ulysses Moore? DUM.

Bradley Allen Dinsmore? BAD.

Brianna Uma Matthews?


Source: The Journal Star