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Friday, November 24, 2006

Oregon Zoo Wants Help Naming Ocelot Kitten

The Oregon Zoo's endangered ocelot kitten will make his first public appearance in mid-December, instead of its original date of January. As a result, the ocelot kitten is still nameless. The baby was born on September 8, and continues to be nurtured by Alice, his mother. Alice and her mate, Ralph, came to Portland's Oregon Zoo in April.

Keepers have chosen their three favorite names and are now seeking the public's help in making the final decision:

*Rio (meaning river or laugh in Spanish or Portuguese).

*Mo (short for monkey, because the kitten lives in the zoo's Primate Building, which has been expanded to include species in South America and the Amazon).

*Bonito ( meaning beautiful or pretty in Spanish).

To cast your vote for your favorite name, please go to

All votes must be submitted by Monday, Dec. 18.

Source: Hillsboro Argus