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Thursday, August 31, 2006

BBN News: Peaches & Fuschia Set Off For Fame

Peaches Geldof and Fuschia Sumner pursue their own fame

Peaches Geldof (17), and Fuschia Sumner (24), are trying to win fame for themselves outside of their unusual names. Peaches is the daughter of Sir Bob Geldof (singer of the band The Boomtown Rats and most famous as the organizer of the benefit concert "Live Aid" in the 1980's) and the late Paula Yates, a British celebrity. She has worked in the past as a DJ and formed her own band, Cosmetique, which is already said to be garnering the attention of record labels. Fuschia (daughter of musician Sting and ex-wife Frances Tomelty), made her acting debut in the play Pack Of Lies and will be starring in the upcoming film Stardust.

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